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This is an in person 3 part watercolor course, taking place over 3 weeks and is limited to those in Juneau.


Course Dates will be February 12th, 19th, and 26th of 2023

Each class will be from 12pm-3pm on these days.


This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and confident in the use of watercolor media.


This has limited space to ensure we have the time for one on one assistance.


Things that we will go over in this course:


- Controlling water: How much to use and when, drying times, lifting pigment, terms for watercolor techniques

- Mixing Colors: Learning how to use a minimal color palette to create a wide variety of shades that will help create your own work

- Creating Texture: How to do smooth washes of color, dry brush techniques, creating ombre effects, and more

- Understanding Watercolor Papers and tools: What types of brushes do what, working while the paper is dry vs wet


Supplies provided:


Watercolor paper

Masking tape

Watercolor paint brushes

Watercolor paints

A surface for mixing colors on

Jars for cleaning brushes

Rags and paper towels

Tools for creating texture and effects

Basics of Watercolor Course

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